• S. Yu. Gonzalez-Munis


The article focuses on the peculiarities of the duality motif development in the poetry of Anne Sexton – a well-known American female poet. The analysis is centered on ways of the duality motif realization in the images of the “double” and the Doppelgänger as well as the mirror and reflection images in Sexton’s poetry. What is more, the duality motif is viewed as one of the dominant in American women’s poetry and is compared in the poetry of Anne Sexton and her female contemporary Sylvia Plath. The research has shown that in Anne Sexton’s poetry the motif of duality involves a creation of the “Doppelgänger” image which is a ghostly double or counterpart of a living person – poet’s lyrical persona.The problem of “two worlds” in Sexton’s poetry is embodied in the mirror and reflection images, and leads to a wide exploration of the otherness theme. It has also been pointed out that the creation of the other supernatural counterpart, a Doppelgänger of her second self generates from the poet’s uneasiness with male myths of femininity and is developed into the wider motif complexes which include despair, madness, suicide, dying and resurrection.
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