Text of a course book as specific linguistic phenomenon

  • K. Yu. Shevchyk


The article deals with theoretical bases of textbook studies as unique text phenomenon. Taking into consideration various definitions, we regard a textbook as specific type of text, because it consists of different sign units, both linguistic (words, letters) and extralinguistic (pictures, charts). All these units are incorporated in certain groups (paragraphs, sections, tasks, follow-up material and so on), clearly structured and consistently located(from simple to difficult). Every fragment is the special integral and coherent unit, and in general they create something higher on the maintenance level than every separate fragment. Specific text characteristics of textbook as a scientific functional style standard are the following: the use of terms, symbols, abridgement, charts, pictures, etc.; wide usage of different references (foot-notes, notes) is determined by such text feature as accuracy.
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