The analysis of modern aphorisms creation means

  • N.O. Lysenko


The article is devoted to the analysis of a kind of short texts which are called the compressed ones. The main features of compressed texts are their conciseness and laconism. Furthermore, some kinds of compressed texts can be characterised by expressiveness and they are called expressive compressed texts accordingly. Aphorism is one of the kinds of expressive compressed texts, which usually consists of one sentence, expressing deep thoughts with the highest degree of generalisation. The aim of this article was to analyse the principal means of creation of aphorisms and the peculiarities of their functioning on the material of contemporary aphoristics. Thus, the main means of creation of aphorisms are the use of lexical units with expressive meaning; different types of sentences, ellipsis, inversion, imperative mood; metaphor, comparison, personification, antithesis, catachresis, parallel constructions, climax, contrast.
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