• Olena Pakhomova
  • Victoria Yashkina
Keywords: individual style, detective genre, irony, epithet, metaphor, simile


The article considers the uniqueness of Agatha Christie's individual style in thematic, plot and compositional, figurative and both linguistic and stylistic aspects. Numerous scholars (A.Adamov, G. Andjaparidze, A. Vulis, S. Van Dyne and R. Knox) ​​explored the mystery of its success. A large number of foreign and domestic literary critics study the linguistic and stylistic originality of detective stories of the famous writer, among which are I. Dudin, J. Markulan, M. Summers, B. Raynov, T. Kestgei, N. Berkovsky and M. Volkenstein. In general, scholars analyzed detective utterance as a literary genre and determined the contribution and place of A. Christie in the general literary process. M. Kozhin, A. Fedorov, N. Mikhalska and others concentrated attention on the consideration and analysis of linguistic and stylistic, thematic and compositional features of the works of A. Christie. This article aims to give an overview of A. Christie's idiosyncrasy and outline the various features of the creation of imagery, linguistic and stylistic techniques inherent in the outstanding writer’s style. In general, scholars analyzed detective stories as examples of  literary genre presentations  and determined the contribution and place of A. Christie in the overall literary process. Despite the existing theoretical achievements of scholars, in our study we found that A. Christie is characterized by her unique style, which combines not only linguistic but also linguistic elements. The stylistic constant of the writer's work is the appropriate image system, thoroughly portrayed and described according to the genre (a detective who investigates a crime and a criminal (and each of the characters can be one person at a time). In general, the writer uses a rich arsenal of linguistic and stylistic means (irony, epithets, metaphors, simile, hyperbole), which become markers of her unique pen.


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Pakhomova, O., & Yashkina, V. (2022). AGATHA CRISTIE’S INDIVIDUAL STYLE: HOW TRUE ILLUSIONS ARE CREATED. Anglistics and Americanistics, 1(19), 127-135.

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