• Olena Panchenko
  • Polina Horelova
Keywords: obsolete vocabulary, historicism, archaism, concretization, generalization, modulation, addition, removal


The article discusses the issue of Ukrainian obsolete vocabulary translation. This problem is relevant for modern translation studies, as Ukrainian historical prose, which has been developing over the centuries, has contributed to the treasury of world culture due to numerous stories, short stories, novels and novels that reflect the events of Ukraine's past. This layer of literature has become especially important after Ukraine gained independence. Historical prose has its own specifics of translation, as an important part of such works are outdated linguistic units. The urgency of the study, therefore, is due to the growing global interest in Ukrainian history, which, in turn, generates interest in samples of historical prose and the need to translate them with outdated linguistic features, including lexical ones. The aim of our research is to analyze the existing means of English translation of historisms and archaisms on the material of Vasyl Shevchuk's novel "Blood Brothers…". Having found the full nomenclature of outdated vocabulary in the original and translation of the novel, we analyzed the translation transformations used. As the lexical transformations presented in the work, we regard modulation, concretization and generalization. The main means of translating archaisms and historicisms can be divided into means characteristic of the translation of realities (which include transliteration, transcription, calquing), as well as translation transformations, including lexical (modulation, concretization, generalization), grammatical addition, removal). We see the prospects of the research in the analysis of the means of translation of the stylistic color of the Ukrainian historical novel into English.


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Panchenko, O., & Horelova, P. (2022). TRANSFORMATIONS IN TRANSLATING OBSOLETE UKRAINIAN VOCABULARY INTO ENGLISH. Anglistics and Americanistics, 1(19), 96-106.