• Yulia Mosina
Keywords: Interactive Whiteboards; IWB; Smart Boards; technology


The article reviews the using of an Interactive Whiteboard in the learning process. The paper deals with the problem of utilizing an Interactive Whiteboard to make a lesson more efficient. The author brings up an issue of effectiveness of using of an Interactive Whiteboard during lessons, ascertains if students obtain information in larger volume comparatively with traditional learning. A question is put if an Interactive Whiteboard ensures an interesting lesson on its own. Examples are given of how a traditional lesson differs from a lesson using interactive technologies. This paper describes how using SMART Board can ease the learning process and make it more vivid and interesting. Also, there are reasons why students like classes with the use of an Interactive Whiteboard. The publication deals with the emergence and development of Interactive Whiteboard in the educational process. Particular attention was devoted to the difficulties faced by students and teachers when using an Interactive Whiteboard in class and possible ways to solve them. The probable causes of unsatisfactory results of using of an Interactive Whiteboard when studying the material are considered. Particular attention is paid to the issue of "an Interactive Whiteboard is an assistant to a teacher, but not his/her substitute." The article presents methods for the effective use of an Interactive Whiteboard by a teacher and explains why classes using such technologies interest students. This study discusses the need for socialization of students during the lessons and ways to achieve this goal. It also mentioned the possible negative aspects of using interactive technologies in teaching students and probable reasons why teachers do not want to use a Smart Board in their classes.


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