• Natalia Kotsay
Keywords: sonnet, poetry, lingocultural aspect, Simon Armitage


The paper is focused on the linguocultural aspects of Simon Armitage’s sonnets. The actuality of this paper is determined by understanding the culture through the language of the modern poetry. The aim of the article is to reveal linguocultural aspects of a contemporary British sonnet based on the sonnets of Simon Armitage. Sonnets are analyzed according to the three aspects: contemporary sonnet as a cultural phenomenon,a human being as a representative of mentality and language of his nation, the masculine understanding of culture. The material of investigation is the first part of the collection of poems “The Book of Matches” that consists of a series of sonnets, which are meant to be read within 20 seconds, the amount of time it would take for a match to be lit and burn out. In the process of research, it has been determined that the peculiar features of Simon Armitage’s sonnets are the following: writing from the first person with the partial maintaining rhyme andstructure (absence of rhyme, inner rhyme; variability of stanzas, length of poetic line and meter) and with usage of colloquial lexis and clichés. The author comes to conclusion that self-irony is a particular and integral part of Simon Armitage’s sonnets and his understanding of morals are the characteristic of the whole nation.


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