• Elena Panchenko
Keywords: literary translation, the novel, Harper Lee, translation difficulties, intertextuality, realities


The article discusses the history of writing, the content and features of the translation of the novel by Harper Lee, «Go and Set a Watchman». Problems of literary translation are considered in many linguistic works, a series of articles deals with the translation of «To Kill a Mockingbird,» but the novel, «Go and Set a Watchman,» the translation has not yet received sufficient analysis. The literary text as an integral complex phenomenon becomes the object of analysis not only of traditional linguistics, but also psychology, anthropology, philosophy, culture, logic, textual. The purpose of the article is to analyze the most outstanding achievements, discoveries and losses in translation of the novel by Harper Lee. Translations are considered in such aspects as lexical and grammatical compliance (including morphology, phraseology, idioms, word formation), translating of names, keeping the background knowledge and the realities of the translation. Of particular interest is the title of the novel, its interpretation and translation. The name is a reference to the twenty-first verse of the sixth chapter of the Book of Isaiah. The novel «Go and Set a Watchman» tells of the return of adult Jean Louise Finch from New York to her native town Maycomb. Her main discovery and disappointment is that her idealized father, lawyer Atticus Finch is a racist and segregationist. The text is full of allusions, intertextual patches, the realities of the US South and the vocabulary of the local dialect, which greatly complicates the professional translation. According to our observations, in Ukrainian translation neutralization prevails, in Russian metaphorization is more widely used.


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