• Maryna Teplova
Keywords: Critical Thinking, IELTS, productive skills, Bloom’s taxonomy, higher order skills, cognitive domain, discursive essay


The article examines Critical Thinking strategies, in particular, those based on Bloom’s taxonomy, which are crucial for the development of productive language skills, such as writing and speaking, for the IELTS examination. As far as the theoretical sources are concerned, the author outlines the main categories of the cognitive domain with the corresponding skills as specified in Bloom’s taxonomy, as well as its revised variant. The article also deals with the types of the examination tasks in the IELTS, making emphasis on the Critical Thinking skills required for each of the written assignments. Furthermore, the author points out the ways to promote higher order Critical Thinking skills in learners training for the IELTS, in particular, asking the right questions, organizing vocabulary acquisition around Bloom’s taxonomy, as well as using TED talks with the follow-up assignments.


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