• Ella Honcharenko
  • Lyudmila Baisara
  • Elena Besarab
  • Natalia Styrnik
  • Anna Kryvosheia
Keywords: PhD education, scientific research, PhD student, researcher, academic paper, peer-reviewed journal, Roadmap


The main objective of this study is to show how Ukrainian PhD students should write an academic paper in English. It aims to provide a clear and understandable picture of the essential moves in the form of Academic Paper Roadmap. This is supposed to lead to the fulfillment of the main objective: to carry out the research by Ukrainian PhD students and justify its further practical value. The material for the present research is based on the theoretical works of the well-known internationally recognized scholars. The research reveals the main patterns of a good academic paper presented in this work in the form of tables: Abstract moves, Introduction moves, Methods moves, Results, Novelty, Discussion,Conclusion and Summary moves. This piece of work highlights the urgent need for such kind of guidelines. The authors of the presented paper came to the conclusion that the Roadmap is one of the most effective mechanisms for planning, doing literature review, analyzing and generalizing, choosing the proper methods of research, demonstrating and evaluating the findings. The Roadmap is a detailed instruction for those who are learning to write academic papers in English.


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