• Олена Панченко
Keywords: cockney, dialect, artistic text, ideographic classification, stylistic means


The article deals with the problem of studying the dialect of cockney which is of undoubted interest for several reasons. Kokney is one of the subsystems of modern English and a unique linguistic phenomenon. It has a great influence, since it is one of the most widely spoken English dialects. Cockney characters had appeared in literary works long before linguists made the first steps towards their study, and this study is not yet exhaustive. At present, there are numerous, documented descriptions of the phonetic, morphological and lexical features of cockney of such scholars as Matthews and McBride, Nikitina, and others like that. But the operation of the cockney dialect in English fiction has not yet become the subject of a special scientific study. The purpose of the article is to analyze the peculiarities of the use of lexical units of the cockney dialect in the English literature in dynamics and statics. Using the cockney dialect with different literary characters serves as a stylistic means and way of reproducing the atmosphere, the peculiarities of space and time in a particular work. The analyzed passages made it possible to compile anideographic classification of rhyming slang expressions: a person, an ordinary resident; historical personality; sports; food; fauna; human activity; ware; cutlery. Prospects for further research can be seen in the analysis of the means of translation vocabulary cockney.


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