• Svitlana Loba DNU
Keywords: concept, componential analysis, semantic structure, lexeme, cognitive feature


The research represents various definitions of the notion “concept” as well as its main characteristics. Besides, the article also examines the semantic peculiarities of the lexeme multilingual in Modern English, as it is one of the constituents of the concept Multilingual education, presents the main definitions of the lexeme multilingual. Moreover, the deferential semes in its semantic structure have been singled out. In the process of research it has been found out that one of the main approaches to the study of the notion “concept” in modern linguistics is componential analysis. The analysis of the identifying words of the polysemantic lexeme multilingual have made it possible to single out a set of hyposemes, which indicate the presence of the following features in the semantic structure of the lexeme multilingual: locative, theological, instrumental, qualitative and two existential features. It should be mentioned that the qualitative feature dominates in number of the presented lexemes. Besides, the verbalizer language is used to depict both the existential and locative features. The lexeme communication coinsides in the representation of the instrumental and theological features. It should be noted that the results of our study, namely, the analysis of the definition dictionaries of Modern English indicate that the lexeme multilingual has a rather small number of synonyms. The synonymic row is represented by means of two following variants: polyglot, bilingual.


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